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All my life I have had fine /thin hair. I inherited my Dads side of the families hair.

My dad also has a twin sister and growing up I watched my mom ( also a cosmetologist) work on my grandmothers and aunts hair making it look fuller by: perming. using lots of products, teasing and tons of hair spray! Basically putting it thru tons of torture and not really helping it just making their fine hair worse. ( Sorry Mom)

I decided then and there I was not going to have to go thru all of that all my life and I would eventually learn all I can to take care of my hair and avoid as much hair fall as possible and help others who were experiencing this , even though I was pre-determined to have AGA ( Androgenetic Alopecia).

After becoming a licensed cosmetologist, years of studying and tons of education, I became a certified Trichologist and it happened at the right time! As of 2023 over 60% of women are experiencing some kind of hair loss

Whether it be from genetics, hormones, illness, autoimmune disorders, stress, medications, gut issues, the list goes on. Hairloss is growing rapidly and our doctors and dermatologist are not able to keep up with it due to them taking care of our more vital organs.

Now back to the subject at hand.

Understanding why and how hair loss happens and how it can be handled.

There is not just a one magic shampoo, pill, or tool that fixes it all. As social media and/ or ads try to make us believe.

We are all specific individuals and we all experience different reasons for and types of hair fall.

In order to truly understand the why and how we as trichologist have to dig a little deeper.

There can be several other things that can be causing hair fall besides what is considered to be the obvious.

In order to do that

  • questions have to asked ( some are personal)

  • your scalp and hair need to be examined microscopically

  • a complete break down of your hair shaft that will give us more insight on to what is going on in your body

  • recommendations of the right treatments, products,and/or supplements that may be needed.

  • following up with on a monthly basis to help in any way that can be done

Now I am going to be completely honest with you, I am the type of trichologist/stylist that I try everything before I make any recommendations to any one. I want you to know that I completely understand as I am doing this with you.

That's why I developed my

90 day Healthy Hair Challenge.

This program consist of :

  • A complete hair Analysis ( a microscopic assessment of your scalp and hair and a break down of your hair shaft)

  • Recommendations of treatments and scheduled (at a special price if schedule followed)

  • Recommendations of products to use at home and how to use them

  • Monthly follow-up calls, video calls,emails or text for support

  • FREE 90 day complete Hair Analysis check follow up

(if treatment program is followed.)

Now let's get you SCHEDULED

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