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Ready to give you expert advice about your hair concerns

 Just like we learned to determine a trees story while in school.

Your hair tells your story also!

We learn this by:

  •  visually examining with a specialized microscope 

  •  then by taking a deeper look by a specialized drive that will break down your hair even more.

This information can tell us the specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids & fatty acids that you are deficient in.

60% of hair loss is from nutrient deficiency.

Finding out what is causing your hair loss is the first step to having a treatment for your hair loss.

Hair Analysis

What happens during a Hair Analysis ?

This is a close examination of your hair & scalp using a specialized microscope.  

We will analyze the condition of your hair follicles, their density, and any signs of damage or inflammation.


Then to perform the Epigenetics Test

I will pluck 4 hairs from the back of the head to be placed into a scanner that will give us a detailed report of your hair analysis.

These assessments will help us determine the specific type of hair loss you are experiencing & potential underlying causes.


After the evaluation, we will discuss our findings and develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

What happens after your appointment?

You will receive an email copy of your report and a 3 month plan.

Monthly follow-up via call, video chat, email or text ( your preferred way of communication)

A FREE 3 month check up appointment will be scheduled to see how you feel and see if you are seeing improvement.

How to make an appointment?


This is not covered by insurance or HSA plans

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