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Welcome to Kerris Scalp Garden!

Your scalp is the soil that needs to be well-tended to in order to reap the benefits of healthy hair

Our scalp is the foundation of our hair journey. Taking time to nourish and care for it is the key to growing strong, healthy locks. Our scalp is the soil that needs to be well-tended to in order to reap the benefits of healthy hair.

Make sure you're taking the time to give your scalp the love it needs!

Scalp Garden Treatments


Scalp Scope

This service uses a small microscope to examine your hair up close. I can check the health of your hair follicles. density of hair and assess the overall scalp condition. I will follow up with an email report of all findings for you to review at home with a treatment plan.  

Don't have any concerns?

Your just curious?

That's ok, too!

It can be helpful to have a baseline in you need it in the future.


Scalp Reset

Indulge in a luxurious hair treatment with my all-inclusive package. Whether you're in need of some relaxation or addressing scalp concerns, we've got you covered., enjoy a complimentary blow-dry to complete your pampering experience. Book now and treat yourself to the ultimate hair care


Hair Analysis

 Just like we learned to determine a trees story while in school.

Your hair tells your story also!

We learn this by:

  •  visually examining with a specialized microscope 

  •  then by taking a deeper look by a specialized drive that will break down your hair even more.

This information can tell us the specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids & fatty acids that you are deficient in.

60% of hair loss is from nutrient deficiency.

Finding out what is causing your hair loss is the first step to having a treatment for your hair loss.


TED Hair Restoration

Introducing a revolutionary non-invasive hair growth treatment that addresses hair shedding, hair loss, and hair thinning without:

  • any trauma,

  • discomfort,

  • needles,

  • downtime,

  • post-treatment shedding.

Say goodbye to traditional hair growth treatments and experience a new level of comfort and convenience with our innovative solution.

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Robb Walters

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