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New Year........New You

Let's admit it....................

We as women always put ourselves LAST!!!

I admit it! I'm guilty!

As some of you may already know I had several health and mental scares toward the end of the year that made me realize that if i'm going to talk the talk I need to walk the walk. Not only with your scalp and hair care, but with life outlooks, relationship with food, and physical wellness.

Now I am not a doctor and I strongly recommend that before you start anything to discuss it with you physician. I am only suggesting the things that I know work for me personally, sharing my knowledge as a 30+ yr hair professional, and invite you to share what works for you.

I am inviting you to take that walk with me this year. Let's start taking care of ourselves mentally and physically together!

Each month this month I will be writing a blog each month talking about changes that I believe all of us need to start implementing in our lives to be KINDER TO OURSELVES.

Let's get started................

First thing I would like to discuss is New Year Resolutions. Now we all know that these are things that we start off strong with and then after a couple of weeks or by the end of March we are back to our normal routine.

Instead of New Year Resolutions why not try setting goals!?

A lot of times when we set goals we think they are just the same as resolutions. Well the fact is they are not if they are done correctly.

So what exactly are GOALS?

Goals represent the decisions we make and the commitments we take in order to reach attainment, break some bad habits, adopt useful habits or achieve more in different areas of life.

Goals enable us to achieve focus in life by helping us to determine what we want. They keep us motivated and propelled, constantly putting us in state of action.

Goals, when properly conceived and pursued can help us to maximize the one and only life we have to live.

When you set BIG goals you need to set smaller achievable goals to help you get to that goal and a date they are to be completed by

Let me give you an example:

In November and December I always start thinking and setting my goals for the following year.

One of the GOALS I set for myself was to stop smoking and if any of you have smoked before it is a hard habit to break. However after my latest health scare last year I knew it was time to put that goal into action ASAP!! Deadline date- January 31st 2023 (best date Jan. 18th 2023)

I knew that I was one of those people that has a hard time just going cold turkey so I started w ith the STRATEGY of implementing smaller goals. I started with my OBJECTIVE of cutting back from a pack a day down to 3 packs a week, then down to 2 and so on. How ever I needed a TACTIC to keep me on track so instead of taking smoke breaks while my clients were processing I stayed inside and making sure I was getting things ready for the next phase of their service and talking with you. and getting to know you better, and at home I kept myself busy doing the things that I would put off. I am happy to say I am completely on track to hit my goal. (Now I'm going to admit I have fallen off track a couple times but I forgave myself and got back on track.)

  • A goal is a broad primary outcome

  • A strategy is the approach you take to achieve a goal

  • An objective is a measurable step you take to achieve a strategy

  • A tactic is a tool you use in pursuing an objective associated with a strategy.

This is a great article that explains GOALS

What are some of the GOALS you have set for yourself this year?

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