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Policies and Expectations

My Policy


I strive to give the best experience I can. Life is busy and man do I know it. I completely understand when things come up or we just don't think we can make it in for appointments on time. Unfortunately, not being prompt completely disrupts the quality of your scheduled time to be pampered. I do ask that you show up 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled pampering to ensure you receive your best time here. If you are late, just know that your service will have to be trimmed down to fit in the rest of the time allowed. Your services will be charged in full even if we need to trip your appointment down. I also have made many changes on our end to ensure that I am promptly on time for you as well.  



In order to continue providing the best possible scheduling options to my guests, I do require a 24 hours notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your visit with us. Should you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, .50% of the total service cost will be charged as a cancellation fee. The fee will be charged to your credit card that you gave to secure your appointment, or an invoice will be sent to you,  before a new appointment is scheduled. 


In the event that you do not show up for an appointment, as in no call/no show, 100% of the service total will be charged as a no show fee. The No show fee will be charged to your credit card that you gave to secure your appointment, or an invoice will be sent to you,  and must be paid before next appointment is scheduled.

Service re-do & retail return policy

I strive to offer my guests the highest level of guest satisfaction. If you are having challenges with your agreed cut or color, let me know within 7 days of your visit and I will be happy to correct the issue with no additional charge. Should you make a retail purchase that you are unsatisfied with, I will accept retail exchanges at full credit for 30 days from your initial purchase.


Using salon professional products for at home care protects the health of your hair and longevity of your color service once you leave the salon.​ If you choose to use products not purchased thru me, I cannot guarantee the authenticity of your products or the longevity of your results once you leave the salon.

​Products can be purchased  on line  and I am happy to make recommendations for the best products for your hair color, texture, and desired results.

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