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Welcome to Excelsiors House of Hair

Here for a Gorgeous, Healthy You

Hi There!!

We are just a couple a laid back kind of gals who wants you to feel calm & relaxed during your whole service.

You will love our Scalp massage during the shampoo & we have a very soft touch while cutting & styling your hair.


We want to find out what you like about your hair & what you don't like. 

Are you having trouble with the texture of your hair or styling? 

 We want to make sure that we can do everything I can to make your hair feel fuller,lighter & bouncy.

We would love to help you with styling & teach you different ways that you

can wear your hair.

If you are having hair loss then we should book a Hair Check.

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We are an All-Inclusive Salon

which means that we do not charge ala-carte prices for our services.

All our pricing is based on hourly rate ($70/hr)

All  Wellness Color sessions/Hair loss treatments include a Haircut & style, Facial waxing, Treatments specific for your hair ( not all hair needs the same treatment), Toner/Gloss, & All Products needed at NO extra cost

*All timing starts at your scheduled appointment time/when we start our consultation to end of services (when we check out)

*If services are not a full hour it will be based off of the nearest 30 min increments. 

We don't keep cash on hand. Please be aware if you pay with cash for your services

We accept all major credit/debit cards.


All pricing is Gender-less, Ageless, and non-discriminatory. 

​Can't find an appointment or are we out of your budget, we can discuss this at your consultation and figure out something that might work to get you started to your hair goals. 

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