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Having extensions isn't for just length or body it could be for clients who want to grow out their short hair and want to have their hair long and beautiful now. Or how about someone who has thinner hair and wants it thicker. 

Extensions are your instant, snap your fingers magic wand.

Now understand this is a luxury service so if you're thinking about extensions make sure you have time time to maintain them as well as afford them.

What happens during a Hair Extension/ Topper Consultation?

You will share your hair history, lifestyle, and any areas of concerns you've encountered. 

Next, we'll discuss the best type of extensions for your particular hair.

We will then go over Extension contract and care and maintenance  of your investment.

We will then color match your hair or pick which color you wish to add for dimension and determine length & how many wefts, strands or packs of hair that will be need.

Hair will then be paid for in advance. ( HAIR IS NON REFUNDABLE)

What happens after your hair is ordered?

After your hair is ordered and has arrived at the salon, you will receive a phone call,text or email letting you know that it has arrived and that we need to schedule your install.

Installation days will be on a Tuesday Evening, Wednesday, or a Saturday afternoon.



Updated Onstage Price List.png

With OnStage most clients will need 1-3+ wefts of hair or 2-4 packs of strands to get their desired hair goals

Updated Onstage Price List (2).png

With Dream Catchers most clients will need 2-4+ packs of hair to get their desired hair goals!

Customizable looks with 20'' will depend on the hair goals and what type of hair you have to start with.

Install of hair extensions:

- Installation charges have been figured in to prices above

- Usually takes me 2-3 hours to install

- Complementary haircut & style to blend extensions (Valued at $75)

- Complementary Retail Package (Valued at $75- extensions shampoo, conditioner, brush)

- Any customizing of color services are separate and will be charged accordingly.


- Is every 4- 6 weeks


- I charge 

  • $75/per weft or package of tape- in extensions ,

  • $2 per strand of  Beaded Strands


- Includes new tape and/or  beads

- Most hair extensions will last up to a year if taken care of properly.

- Please note if you don't take care of the hair you will probably need to purchase new hair sooner than expected.


- I do like to do a complementary deep conditioning treatment on the hair extensions so for this we will need to break up into two different days.

                    Day 1: Take out extensions. Then I will wash, deep treatment and     

                                dry your hair, and then install a different day if not enough                                time. *Sometimes we can do everything on same day just depends on availability.  (about 3 hours)

                          Tape-Ins will have to be removed and left with me to wash,                                     condition, and new tape reapplied  to keep your investment like new.

 Day 2: Reinstall extensions and style. (about 2 hours) 

                         * Tape-Ins for example will need to be 2 days in order for

re-taping of extensions.


- Hair costs are NOT refundable & NO refunds will be allowed once purchased.

- However if you decide to not do the hair extensions service, you may take the hair packages with you.

- If client doesn't take care of hair properly I am not responsible for redoing/re purchasing new hair for any reason.

- However if the hair was not in great shape before installing then I will make it right.

Each client receives extension shampoo, conditioner, extension brush complementary

 with first install of hair extensions service. (valued at $75)


Customize your color to match your extensions or we can  also color your extensions to match your hair. 

Sound Amazing??

Book your consult with me to customize your dream hair today!

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