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Hi There!!

Committed to Beauty and Wellness

I am the owner of Excelsiors House of Hair and Kurae Holistic.


I want to think I got my soft touch and sassy personality from my Mom.

Having Fine Hair myself & have had experience in TE & Hair Loss, along with a lot of my clients, I wanted to educate myself in why & what was causing this & how can I help people deal with hair loss. So I am attending  classes at the International Association of Trichologists and being mentored by some of the best Certified Trichologist in the country.

I also continue to practice all areas of the cosmetology field to fill my guests needs, just with more of an holistic wellness way.

I believe that there are too many chemicals in our skin care & we need to be mindful of what we are putting on

our skin & our kids' skin.

I can't wait to talk about your favorite shows on Netflix, your favorite drink recipe & All the things.

See ya soon!

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