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Ker About Your Hair

Hair Wellness & Hair Loss Solutions

As a Certified Trichologist & Master Cosmetologist, I am dedicated to helping my clients regain their confidence through a multi-therapeutic approach. My restorative hair treatments and nourishing hair color enhance natural texture for healthier, more manageable hair. Let me help you achieve the hair you've always wanted.

703 S Jefferson St, Suite 9
Kearney, Mo 64060


I would like to learn more about:

Introducing TED - the ultimate solution for hair loss!

Get ready to experience the most comfortable hair loss treatment ever!

Our clients have reported seeing a significant reduction in hair shedding in just 2 weeks!

Head Massage

My Specialties

Hair And Scalp Analysis 

Your analysis begins with a pre-visit virtual hair & health history form. When you arrive for your in-person visit I will perform a trichoscope. This allows me to examine your hair and scalp up close. I check the health of your hair follicles, density of hair and asses your scalps overall health. I also will perform 3 vital tests to determine porosity, elasticity and strength of your hair. You will be given a treatment plan and digital report to review at home.

Scalp Reset

The first step in any healthy hair routine is a clean canvas especially if you are experiencing issues with your scalp and/or hair. Do you struggle with itchy, oily, dry, frizzy, unmanageable or thinning hair? Is your color fading fast or your gray hair not covering? Using a hair mist machine - the same technology as estheticians use for facials - treatments penetrate deep into the scalp tissue and hair shaft to detox both of harsh compounds that are common triggers. Every single guest leaves wishing they had done this sooner.


A revolutionary, non-invasive hair growth treatment for hair shedding, hair loss and hair thinning.

No Trauma

No Discomfort

No Needles

No Downtime or recovery

No Post treatment shedding

Kind Words

"Kerri is the best. My hair is starting to come back. I always have a nice relaxing time with her. She's GREAT."

Kimberly Judge

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