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Are you ready for someone to listen and provide a customized plan for your fine hair and/or hair loss concerns?

Are you ready for someone to listen & provide a customized plan for your fine hair andor t

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Kerri Robinson

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What People Are Saying

" I kissed alot of toads before finally connecting with Kerri. Hair is personal & it takes me a long time of contemplating before taking a plunge. My hair was past my shoulders a year ago. I was adamant about embracing my gray. Kerri knows her stuff. Personal & professional. I look forward to siting in her chair for my hair care needs. It's a different world where I can just sit and close my eyes & relax. She communicates effectively, listens to her clients & provides the services they request. It's the little things we forget we like and sometimes need, like pampering.

Kerri is my go to until she says "no"."

- Lisa Owens

"Kerri is the BEST! If you are having hair loss issues I cannot recommend her enough! She does a deep dive into your issues and I have had great results with her recommendations. I have been going to her for about 6 months and can definitely tell the difference."

-Carissa Hatcher


My Specialties

Hair Restoration

Are you tired of hair loss and thinning?

I use cutting-edge technology uses ultra sonic acoustic

sound waves to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth.

Say goodbye to bald spots and hello to a fuller head of hair.


Hair/ Scalp Scope

Looking for the cause of your Hair Loss

A microscopic hair evaluation & health questionnaire.

Hair Check

Hair Analysis Testing

What is stopping your hair growth?

Are you just deficient in a vitamin or mineral that is needed for

hair growth?

Hair Analysis
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